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Back Issues - Volume 3 / 2007
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Cover Story

  • World Sportscars 1970 17
    Ivan Askew on the next historic mod for rFactor
Special Features

  • Quo Vadis LFS? 33
    J.B.Keough sits down with Scawen Roberts and assesses the future of LiveForSpeed
  • Champ Cars In Toronto 39
    Oliver Day is humiliated at the Steelback Grand Prix
  • RealFeel Of The carFactory 46
    Lx Martini sits with Chris Hoyle and Ade Allen as they open up a whole new vista for rFactor
  • New Advanced Livestream With multiBC 58
    Martin Bals on mBC, a whole new way of way of broadcasting sim-racing
  • Montjuich Gets A Visit By Legends 61
    Bob Simmerman on the day Jackie Stewart watched himself at this legendary track—on Grand Prix Legends
  • Winning An M6—Sim-Racing 64
    Ivan Askew on Danny Engels—the sim-racer who walked away with a $100,000 BMW M6 at the Intel World Tour Event
  • Le Mans 2007 95
    GPLegacy go inside this year’s Le Mans

  • Consoles 70
    Bob Simmerman’s August Special Pull-Out feature on the world of consoles
  • Forza Motorsports 2 81
    Bob Simmerman reviews the XBOX 360s’ sim-of-choice
  • Formula One Championship Edition 86
    Bob Simmerman on the PS3’s best-in-show
  • Microsoft Wireless Wheel 92
    Bob Simmerman on the slop from Redmond

  • Jocke Mangs 28
    Ivan Askew on Mini Challenge Germany’s title contender
  • Reality Show 54
    Josh Rayman, real-world race driver, experiments with rFactor to answer the question: Do simulators give racers an edge
  • Sergey Poltavskiy 111
    GPLegacy profile a name that we’re all going to get to know very well in the months to come

  • HeadOpEd 5
    Lx Martini on why you wanna be Lewis
  • News 8
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In this month's Issue

  • Table of Contents 4
  • HeadOpEd 5
  • News 8
  • T1 Alx Danielsson 13
  • Classifieds 19
  • OvalOffice ARCA SimRacing—Time With The Beta Beast 20
  • GreenFlag Pedro De La Rosa 28
  • T2 Turismo Carretera 32
  • The Kink Jarno Trulli 40
  • Backstraight New Advanced Weather For GTR2 43
  • Split Second The Year Of Infamy 46
  • PitBoard Giancarlo Fisichella 54
  • StopWatch Herding Chaos 56
  • Tele-metry Thoughts on the Great Debate— PCs vs. Consoles as Simulator Platforms 61
  • Side-by-Side Luca Betti 69
  • T3 The Future of Drag Racing Sims 71
  • T4 One Helluva LAN 74
  • Frontstraight Do We Need Chicanes? 78
  • Fifth Column Is It Asking Too Much? 81
  • NASCAR HEAT Physics 101 84
  • Chequered Flag RacingTimes 92
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In this month's Issue
  • Table of Contents 4
  • HeadOpEd 5
  • News 7
  • T1 The Power & The Glory: A Legend Returns 15
  • Classifieds 24
  • T2 Brick-by-Brick—The Brickyard Cometh 25
  • Split Second The Wheels On The Bus 30
  • The Kink Race Broadcasting—Getting Into The Booth 35
  • Oval Office The US Pits' TPSCC Mod for rFactor 41
  • Side-by-Side Race2Panoz 53
  • T3 Shake, Rattle, and Roll 61
  • T4 Can Sim-Racing Follow The Road Paved By R/C Racing? 65
  • Test Drive The Eye Of The Needle 72
  • The Wreck Moving Pictures 76
  • Frontstraight A1GP MEXICO 2007 81
  • Fifth Column Ennui, Or Just Plain Hubris? 87
  • TECH4PCs INTEL's CORE2DUO e4300 94
  • ProREPORT netKarPro Community Report 97
  • NASCAR HEAT Suzuka Takes Shape 100
  • Chequered Flag RacingTimes 108
  • Gazzetta Italia Guida virtuale: un bene o un male? 123
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In this month's Issue
  • HeadOpEd – 5
  • News – 6
  • Comment – 14
  • TV-Times: All the best from broadcast sim-racing events! – 15
  • Classifieds - 16
  • Cars By Cojocar : Ivan Askew gets the lowdown from Eugene Cojocar on his upcoming indy-sim X Motor Racing - 17
  • Climbing To The Top: Jon Denton and Jaap Wagenvoort get the latest news on the world's finest commercially available simulator—netKarPro—from Marco Massarutto - 21
  • How Lotus's Colin Chapman Invented Sim-Racing: John Sjöstrand traces back the world's first-ever purpose-built race simulator and asks—is Colin Chapman the father of sim-racing? - 32
  • I Am An Addict: Lx Martini confesses to have become an addict to BATracer! -38
  • In Praise of a Virtual Fantasy: Steve Smith on the sweetest ride in GTR2—the Lotus Exige … - 44
  • The Load-Cell P35: Built by Revzalot Motorsports, and test-driven by Ajira Racing, the P35 pedal-unit is set for release this spring: - 47
  • Broadcast News: Brian Kunze explores the ever-increasing professionalism of sim-racing's live 'play-by-play' broadcasts along with a line-up of some of the industry's headliners … - 51
  • Real Cars, Real Pics, Real Nice!: Sergio Bustamante, along with GPLegacy, give us all the latest news on NASCAR including an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at The Car of Tomorrow Test at Bristol in late February … - 56
  • A Beautiful Memory: Luisa Ghibaudo, along with the RBROnline crew, say farewell to the legend that is Richard Burns with a Memorial dedicated to the late rally World Champion at the Monza Rally Show … - 64
  • Living For Speed—And Dollars: Magnus Tellbom goes door-to-door with Richard Torp Jensen—the Live For Speed Denmark driver who has just secured a cozy sponsorship with one of his country's leading newspapers - 68
  • Tech4PCs—How Nvidia is set: How Nvidia is set to revolutionise the engine that powers your sim-ride of choice … - 71
  • Adelaide Alive!: Duncan 'Jiminee' Smith takes us back a year in order to fully prepare us for 'The Clipsal 500' - 74
  • The SimDeck Platform: Kevin Andreassend on how an idyllic childhood in New Zealand formed his enduring passion for invention, encapsulated in his SimDeck platform … - 82
  • The State Of The Union Is ISI?: Jon Denton takes up where he left off in August 2005—so what's changed? - 90
  • DesafioVirtual: Fernando Deutsch explains why real-world drivers—including Champ Car World Series, Champ Car Atlantic, Formula BMW, Stock Car, Formula 3, SuperBikes, Tourings, KARTS, and Radio Control Car drivers—have found their cyber home at DesafioVirtual - 93
  • The Ups&Downs of netKarPro: Jaap Wagenvoort is on the pace with all the developments surrounding the purists' sim of choice: netKarPro - 96
  • The Dream That Is Antartida and MMG's 1994 F1 Mod: Sergio Bustamante previews MMG's up-coming Formula 1 1994 mod for rFactor along with Raymond Schram, before sitting down with Luis Monroy—sim-racing's premiere artist in residence at GPLegacy… - 99
  • Racing Times: The best series in sim racing—featuring the greatest drivers in the hardest series … - 104
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In this month's Issue
  • Comments:  Magnus Tellbom on LFS's small things ...
  • News  from around the sim racing world
  • Race2Play’s  National Auto Sport Association Sanctioned Official sim-racing Rankings
  • The Future of rFactor:  AUTOSIMSPORT with an exclusive interview with ISI’s Gjon Camaj
  • (Officially) Licensed To Thrill:  Bob Simmerman reports on why the ARCA RE/MAX officially licensed simulator is not a promotional gimmick, but a major step-forward in the technical and sporting relationship between the simulated and the real.
  • The Greatest Track Ever Made:  Bob Simmerman explores the greatest track ever conceived—the seventy-plus kilometre Targo Florio currently being developed for Grand Prix Legends by Sergio Loro along with his wonderfully talented team.
  • World Super GT Arrives For GTR2:  Honk Kong-based Arnold Carter Wong previews the Racers Modding Team’s World Super GT mod for GTR2—scheduled for release before the end of February ...
  • Explore The Autodromo Riccardo Paletti  - Varano de' Melegari: Bob Simmerman sits down with the MBTeam to explore exactly how they managed to convince the owners of a real-world circuit to allow them unfettered access to their superb racing facility.
  • Sim Motor-Racing’s Premiere League:  Bob Simmerman discovers the Sim Touring Car Cup: With 5,000 drivers vying for a berth on a starting grid...
  • Hamilton and Lazier Test the GS-1 G-Seat:  Pat Dotson, along with his innovative GS-1 G-Seat, headed out to Indianapolis’ Gasoline Alley to offer some free rides to two of the Sinden Racing Team’s drivers, Davey Hamilton, and Indy 500 winner, Buddy Lazier.
  • From The Real To The Virtual … And Back Again:  Ivan Askew sits down with Torrent Motorsports’ Nicholas Morse to find out how this real-world team view ‘Formula Sim-Racing’ as just another racing division …
  • Get Julian Dyer’s Skinning Tutorial FREE With This Issue!
  • Get Your NAPMod 1.4 Patch With This Issue!
  • The Return of Race Driver:  Bob Simmerman catches up with Andrew Winchester: Long time readers will remember him as the sim-racer who packed in the PC for some real-world action … so how was his first season?
  • DC Red Bull Goes KARTing:  Join rock-band bassist Paul Harwood as he, along with fellow musicians Roger Legault, and Pierre Major join members of Virtual Online Racers league to take part in an all-star KARTing enduro’ event at Montreal’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.
  • Actual Ineptness or Artificial Intelligence?  Duncan’Jim’Smith on the continued shortcomings of the AI … are our not-too-intelligent offline foes about to drift into obscurity?
  • The Future:  Eric Alexander takes out his crystal ball and predicts what is just beyond the blind-crest that is the year 2007 … and why you should pay attention!
  • Snakes on a Plain!  Magnus Tellbom gets all out-of-shape as HEAT returns to its oval-based genesis—but first, a brief history on how one snake killed-off an entire purpose-built racing facility!
  • GPLEGACY ...  What’s yet to come? Sergio and Co. have done it again … sim-racing’s most passionate crew are heavily involved with promoting our sport throughout the world...
  • Racing Times:  The Battle of Nations, plus GPC FR2000 IC Season Review, and introducing The Sim Touring Car Cup.
  • The Classifieds
Back Issues - Volume 2 / 2006
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In this month's Issue
  • to Partner with Extreme Competition Controls, Inc.
  • High-end Simulation Hardware to be Showcased at Events and Tradeshows
  • and Speedway Motorsports, Inc. Announce Partnership
  • Legends Cars to be First Among SMI Properties Incorporated into High-tech Simulation
  • GREENFLAG:Bob Simmerman sits down with Tim McArthur and Todd Weiss to discover why Race2Play—already sanctioned by the National Auto Sport Association—is about to change the way we race and play …
  • Side-by-side:AUTOSIMSPORT were given five minutes to ask Ian Bell about Blimey! Games’ officially licensed Ferrari-sim—what can we expect from sim-racing’s most immersive developers now that they have the world’s greatest marque to exploit?
  • T1:Bob Simmerman sits down with the GPLPS and gets a most revealing look at GPL—far from becoming a museum piece, the cataloging of GPL’s history is just a prelude to what comes next …
  • Test Drive: Renato Simioni finds time away from .RARing-up Grand Prix Classics’ 1979 mod to tell us what we can expect from the mod that will breathe a beautiful new soul into rFactor.
  • T2:Bob Simmerman and Jon Denton (in Italics) get up to speed with SimBin’s latest offering, their first sim since the split with Blimey! Games … do they still have that magic something?
  • T3:Lou Magyar and Nicola Trivilino assesses the performance of the Faster Pedals as Italy’s Cluster Company motors onto the after-market scene with a sleek, all-steel, quality-built pedal-set that’s certain to kick your sim-racing up a notch.
  • Split2nd: Magnus Tellbom gets behind the wheel to race Race’s free-incarnation—the ETCC mod for rFactor
  • The Kink:Lou Magyar shares some time with fellow Hoosier, Pat Dotson, who has chosen AUTOSIMSPORT as the vehicle in which to introduce his ingenious new product: The UltraForce GS-1 G-Seat.
  • The Wreck: Duncan ‘Jiminee’ Smith compares real-world racing to sim-racing—is sim-racing really that much cheaper than running a local series for a year?
  • FrontStraight: Lou Magyar whips out his tool-box and gets to work on Todd Cannon’s DIY pedal guide along with experienced builder, and Cannon Simulation Technologies customer, Bruce Fisher.
  • BackStraight: Ivan Askew spends some time with Malcolm Seakins of Hyper Active Racing, a rare success story in the cut-throat world of commercial sim-racing.
  • T4:Raúl Valenzuela gets behind—and inside—the scenes at Champ Car’s final round for AUTOSIMSPORT. Images courtesy of: GPLegacy México and AutoSimSport …
  • 5th Column:Second Annual AUTOSIMSPORT Readers Awards It’s back—your chance to decide what’s hot, what’s not, and what and who will be nominated Best-in for 2006.
  • Interactive: Eric Alexander’s online racing association for sim-racers has gone from strength-to-strength, and, with the end of a successful year very much on his mind, Eric takes us on a trip down memory lane to remember the best of RACER 2006.
  • Magnus Tellbom gets to grips with the Nextel Cup 2006 … is this the mod that brings HEAT’s legacy up-to-date?
  • LatinHeat:GPLegacy—Catching up with sim-racing’s hardest working group!
  • Chequered Flag: Race Results and more
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In this month's Issue
  • Late Breaking News: All the latest on 10Tacle’s Landmark Ferrari License
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes Bob Simmerman previews the making of Grand Prix Legends for rFactor
  • TPSCC 06 Update Chaz Teets gets his hands on rFactor’s Great White Hope
  • GTR2—The Ultimate Guide:’s guide to selecting the right tyres and cars in GTR2
  • Secrets Of The NAPmod Explained: Using actual race-team and GT-car manuals, its creator explains the rationale that were necessary to unleash the breathtaking sim.
  • V8FACTOR: Gene Penman recalls his laps with V8 Supercar driver “Frosty” Winterbottom
  • Cluster Company Faster Pedals:’s Nicola Trivilino sat down with Stefano Vietri to find out exactly where they ‘fit’ in to this ultra-competitive market.
  • 1979 F1 Mod: Wolf WR7 And Arrows A1 & A2 ... Ivan Askew examines two of the more exotic rides from Shutt1e and Simioni’s upcoming Formula One mod for rFactor.
  • La Vida Loca: Virtual Speed Bar & Grill: Arturo Vega-Alvarado got there when sim-racing was still in its infancy … welcome to the dream that was the Virtual Speed Bar & Grill ...
  • The Logitech®G25—One Month On: Lou Magyar has had thirty days to test Logitech’s G25—time for a performance evaluation
  • Struck by Lightning—Twice! Lx Martini has had sixty days to test the Lightning SST™, the ‘fastest shifter on the planet’. Is it as good as all that?
  • Mod Money Blues: Nothing’s for free... is this community able to sustain such an un-even equilibrium, even as the role of modders becomes more significant with every passing sim?
  • Mitsufumi-san! Mitsu-san answers your questions—pens an ode to Michael Schumacher—and gives advice on how to entice your pet to love sim-racing ...
  • Keeping Track Of One Hand Or Two: RACER Eric Alexander puts all hands on wheels as he compares driving styles and sim-racing tracks ... so are there really one-handed sim-racers?
  • ISI’s Sports Car GT Is NASCAR HEAT Bound: Magnus Tellbom imagines a world where the unique charm of ISI’s much-loved Sports Car GT is transported to the online world of NASCAR HEAT ...
  • Formula SimRacing: The star-studded league that will be featured—monthly, in AUTOSIMSPORT!
  • TPG Racing: TPG Racing Season 3 Preview.
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AutoSimSport_November_2006 © AutoSimSport Media LLC
  • Logitech G25 Review: we test Logitech’s new, and greatest, wheel!
  • Exclusive Interview with BRD: all the latest on nKPRO, Speed 7, and the future of sim-racing
  • GTR2’s Lead physics: man Doug Arnao on SimBin’s latest
  • GTR2: get the BEST PHYSICS mod on the planet—inside!
  • Full ARCA-licensed Sim Preview: Bill Zimmerman gives us the inside track on one seriously exciting sim!
  • Grand Am’s Luís Diaz: our Spanish Editor Sergio Bustamente profiles sim-racing’s links with real-world motor-sports.
  • GTR2 Review!: Smokin Bob and the best damn GTR2 review in cybertown!
  • BMW vs. BMW—ISI vs. LFS—AUTOSIMSPORT Road-Test …: we get inside both cars and both sims and compare.
  • Mitsu & Shinji!: Famed sim-writer Mitsufumi!
  • PLUS!: Luisa Ghibaudo on H2Epic’s polar journey,
  • Madcowie on Mad Cows : (what else!)
  • MMG’s 2006 F1 mod
  • Oliver Day’s photos
  • NASCAR Sim-Racing
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  • Head Op-Ed    
  • News    
  • Eero’s Aero—Build It And They Will Race:  ... take a cyber-drive alongside Eero Piitulainen to discuss the progress on ... new sim from the lead-physics designer of Richard Burns Rally.
  • NASCAR's Car of Tomorrow-Today!:  Bob Simmerman investigates Justin Jacobs and RPM-3D’s Car of Tomorrow Mod
  • PC Gamer’s ‘Sim Columnist’ Andy Mahood:  Bob Simmerman follows the assorted career of PC Gamer’s most celebrated ‘sim-columnist’
  • Laying Down The Law:  Ivan Askew finds time to convince Renato Simioni, the man responsible for the physics of the mod del día—the 1979 F1 demo—to explain just how he went about creating this defining moment for ISI’s rFactor.
  • Struck by Lightning:  Lou Magyar takes a shift at product-testing with’s Lightning SST™.
  • Side-by-side with: Adam Zerlin:  RACER founder Eric Alexander sat down with Adam Zerlin for a one-on-one conversation with the man behind the vision that is RaceCast
  • Book Review: Autodrome—The lost race circuits of Europe:  Full-color evocative photos of abandoned and decaying racing circuits scattered throughout Europe
  • Finding The Drive In Oh-Five  Bob Simmerman finally gets a chance to do what he loves best—experiment! By combining MoTeC telemetry, CTDP's 2005 Formula One cars, and ISI Nuerburg.
  • Higher Learning:  Jiminee Smith, in an undisclosed location, met up with an Australian practioner of the shrouded art of race-car setup.
  • Senna’s Legacy: The 1991 Formula One Season:  Ivan Askew on how a four-year-old boy’s Imola 1994 memory inspired him, a decade later, to re-create the 1991 season for F1C.
  • Is Petter Solberg About to Replace Richard Burns?:  Bjørn Erik Hagen gives Rally sim-racers the latest scoop on Solberg’s foray into sim-racing development, before unveiling RSRBR3.
  • Back Into The Fray:  Ryan Soucy, veteran sim-racer, discovers the passion and glory to be found racing online against the best
  • Interactive Racing: Attitudes in the Bullring:  Eric Alexander has had a busy month, leaving him no real theme for this edition of his Interactive Column.
  • Baby It’s Cold Out There:  Magnus Tellbom on the most uniquely-situated track on earth—twenty-four hour racing under the sun, anyone?
  • Checkered Flag   Results from this month's races!
  • Classified Ads: AutoSimSport Media provides a free classified advertisement section. Sell, buy or recruit - please feel free to use the Classifieds ...
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  • Head OpEd
  • News: Ian Bell on GTR2; NetKarPro – BRD;’s Big Splash on PC Gamer; GTR2 Demo Overview;
  • Green Light: CTDP’s F1 2005—the Legend is Waiting for the Green Light.
  • T1: F1’s Last Epic Season is rFactor’s First Epic Mod. Lx Martini previews the demo of the F1 1979 season
  • T2:History in the Making. Ivan Askew manages to sneak an interview with Australian F3 Champ’ Petros Mak
  • Split Second: Active Suspension – of Disbelief. Ivan Askew previews modder Luca Giuntoli’s (Lord Kamder) 1992 F1 mod for rFactor.
  • Side-by-side:Ricardo Zonta. Luisa Ghibaudo shares some thoughts with Panasonic Toyota F1’s third driver, Ricardo Zonta.
  • T3: Heading in the Right Direction. Lou Magyar and Eric Alexander take a time-out alongside NaturalPoint’s Kevin Fox.
  • The Kink: EleV8ation! Jiminee Smith gets to test the much-anticipated V8 Supercars.
  • T4: The Sim Experiment.Jan Kohl sets out to settle the age-old argument—can a sim-racer, using nothing but the skills acquired on virtual race-tracks, make the transition to real-racing and be fast right off the bat?
  • Rally Insider: Catch My Drift! Jiminee Smith this month fills in for Bjorn’s regular Rally column. Are we ready to drift with Live For Speed?
  • Fifth Column: Pirates of the Computernation. Jan Kohl examines how piracy impacts the sim- racing community.
  • Interactive:Debunking the Existence of Aliens. Eric Alexander examines the term ‘alien’ that has become synonymous with the fastest-of-the-fast drivers in sim-racing.
  • Oval Office: Immersed in Longevity - Photo-Realism for NASCAR Season 2003 Bob Simmerman hangs out with modder extraordinaire Todd Stark
  • Front Straight: The KINGS of GPL. Gary Poon takes the most intensive look at the simulator that spawned a community and a sport—Grand Prix Legends.
  • Back Straight: Eye of the Tiger. R.A.C.E.R. founder Eric Alexander sits down with the legendary Greger Huttu to find what makes him so fast!
  • Nascar HEAT:Prevent Cheat. Please! Magnus Tellbom tackles the thorny subject whose name shall not be spoken …
  • >Classified Ads: AutoSimSport Media provides a free classified advertisement section. Sell, buy or recruit - please feel free to use the Classifieds ...
  • Chequered Flag: AAL GTR 2006 Series Launched. Making their first appearance in AutoSimSport are the drivers of the Australasian Racing League.
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  • T1: The Bell Curve - Lx Martini stalks Ian Bell...
  • T2: The US PITS' TPSCC 06 for rFactor...
  • Split Second: Super Bikes, the Challenge of the Bike-Sim...
  • Side-by-side: Race-Driver! Side-by-side with Andrew Winchester...
  • T3: Hyper Stimulator Incorporated...
  • T4: Monaco and Zandvoort for nKPro...
  • Front Straight: 69ing it up!...
  • Back Straight: Why Bathurst is so Special...
  • Fifth Column: "Which Way to the refugee camp?"...
  • Rally Insider: From a Brand-New Kid to a Brand-New Car to Drivers Republic!...
  • Interactive Racing: Sim-Racing's Interaction with Real-Racing...
  • Nascar HEAT: Samba Time! - Magnus Tellbom Samba's in the HEAT...
  • Oval Office: The Trucks Are Coming! The Trucks Are Coming!...
  • Gazzeta Auto Italia: Simulazioni di guida ai world cyber games nel 2007?
  • Chequered Flag: Season Summary - Italy leads historical start of first Armaroli SimRacing WorldCup...
  • Classifieds
AutoSimSport did not produce a June '06 issue
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  • T1: netKar Pro Review
  • Side-by-Side: WSR Star Alx Danielsson Reviews nKPro
  • T2: Live for Speed — The Formula 1 Kind!?
  • T3: Hunting with Wolves —The Lupos Are Coming!
  • T4: Simworld — Cyber-Racing in the Real-World?
  • Fifth Column: rF-TID (rFactor Track Information Database)
  • Chequered Flag: Sactioning bodies racing news FILSCA April news
  • Front Straight: New York International Auto Show
  • Interactive Racing: Blogging without the Blog?
  • Gazzeta Auto Italia: Hollywood, no grazie (o forsesì?)
  • Oval Office: Red Rock Reborn
  • NASCAR HEAT: Turn Left — Go Fast!
  • Back Straight: The Family That Rallys Together Stays Together?
  • Driving School: Love at First Site?
  • FILSCA: Monthly Results
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  • Editorial
  • Force Feedback
  • News
  • T1: Mystery Sim Revealed
  • T2: An Appointment in Lienz (for Festival Program, see below)
  • Split-2nd: A Conversation in Lienz (for Festival Program, see below)
  • T3: Armaroli—Designing the Concepts for the Future
  • T4: NRD V8 Open-Wheelers
  • Rally Insider: Rallying Around Richard Burns
  • Fifth Column: From Here to There via Before
  • Chequered Flag: Racing News
  • Front Straight: The Manthey Porsche — An Appreciation
  • Interactive Racing: Cut to the Race
  • Gazzeta Auto Italia: Amicizia, Sport e netKar in Fiera
  • Back Straight: Plunging into the HEAT of Road-Racing!
  • FILSCA Monthly Results
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  • All the latest news - including coverage of nKPRO's debut in Lanciano
  • T1 - Online with netKar PRO - World Exclusive Review of nKPRO Demo
  • T2 - KART Masters: Inside Se GAMES' sim
    Corrigendum: Michael Donaldson is the CEO of SE GAMES, no Michael McDonald. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  • T3 - Lienz Festival of Speed: ISI's new release unveiled
  • T4 - Steve Smith's Fastest Car in GTR
  • Exclusive interview with RBRO
  • Aussie V8s
  • All the latest on N2003, NASCAR Heat
  • Racing News and Results
  • Comics, columns, results and ... so much more!
  • News: The latest from the sim community
  • Turn 1: Lord of the Hungaroring - GTR Setups
  • Turn 2: ARC_Team's Power Pedals 'Home-Edition' Preview
  • Turn 3: Made with Laustahl: The VPP Pedalset Professional
  • Turn 4: Modding the Mods
  • Side-by-Side: R.A.C.E.R.
  • Fifth Column: The 2005 AUTOSIMSPORT Readers Awards
  • Front Straight: Stop! Your 'authentic' pedal set is all wrong!
  • Interactive Racing: Supporting the Community
  • Latin Racing Heat
  • Gazzetta Auto Italia
  • Rally Insider: Rallying around Richard Burns
  • Back Straight: AeroWar88 Mod Conversion for rFactor
  • Racing News and Monthly Results
Back Issues - Volume 1/2005
  • News - The latest from the sim community
  • Turn 1: The XBOX 360 — Why Should You Care?
  • Turn 2: ARC_Team: Feeding the Power
  • Turn 3: Putting your Head in the Sim: the new TrackIR 4:Pro
  • Turn 4: Racing League Data Management
  • Fifth Column: 2005 - The year in review
  • Front Straight: ”The One That Got Away”
  • Interactive Racing: Guide to Hardware
  • The Oval Office: The Golden Age of Racing. A look at US Pits GN1970 Mod
  • Latin Racing Heat
  • Gazzeta AUTOSIMSPORT: Simracing: il passato, il presente, il futuro. The first contribution from our new Italian Editors,
  • Rally Insider: Rallying around Richard Burns
  • 51 Back Straight: Luke Beck’s DVD Project
  • Staff Blogs: What’s on our minds? This, that, and the other.
  • League Racing: News
  • Leagues and Teams review 2005
  • 2005 Champions
  • Top 50 GTR World Ranking
  • November Monthly FILSCA Results
  • News - The latest from the sim community
  • Turn 1: netKar Pro How Real is Real? NetKar's physics have long since convinced the hardcore crowd; but netKar PRO is promising more
  • Turn 2: Grand National 1970 SmokinBob sits down with the Grand National 1970 Mod Team Leader, Jim Kerekes, aka DT99
  • Turn 3: Motorcityracing: the future of league racing?
  • Turn 4: Rallying Around Richard Burns. Bjorn Erik Hagen gives the low-down on all the latest on RichardBurnsRally-community and the general sim rally world in this, the first of his regular RBR columns for AutoSimSport
  • Fifth Column: Almost Too Much. 2005, The Year of the PC Racing Simulator
  • Front Straight: Late Models Return to NR2003
  • Interactive Racing: My Sim's Better Than Your Sim
  • Back Straight: Latin Racing Heat: A Rare Behind the Scenes Look at R/C and CHAMPCAR racing in Mexico
  • FILSCA News
  • October Results
  • Turn 1: netKar Pro Preview
  • Turn 2: How FIRST Saved rFactor
  • Turn 3: GT Legends Review
  • Turn 4: GP4 Retro - Part Two
  • The Paddock: RacingRenders ­ 3D Automotive Art
  • Fifth Column: Women in (Sim)Racing
  • Front Straight: Build an H-Shifter for Almost Nothing
  • Interactive Racing: Interactive Racing - The Concept
  • Back Straight: Brake Dust in My Eyes
  • Staff Blog: Our Staff Ramblings
  • Racing News
  • Driver of the Month
  • MoGTR 2005
  • FILSCA September Results
  • New screenies—Cars and ALL tracks plus tech details on GT Legends!
  • A1 Officially Sanctioned Mod for rFactor?
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  • News—The latest from the sim community, among other GERMAN MASTERS 2005
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    netKar Pro interview
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